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When we set up this series we thought it would be the lucky ones who were not in work and able to come and join us for a midweek sail,sadly as we all know there are lots of us available but no sailing available so sadly Budworth is still cancelled,let’s hope we can run the next event at Shotwick on May 26th. We will let you know when we have more news.

Coronavirus COVID-19 We plan to proceed with all events but it will be up to the individual clubs whether to hold their event.

Current status of club closures as of 23/5/2020

Sadly still no news if and when sailing will be resumed.

Budworth Sailing Club April 28th


Shotwick Sailing Club May 26th Closed

Chester Sailing Club June 30th Closed

Nantwich Sailing Club July 28th Closed

Redesmere Sailing Club August 18th Closed

Bala Sailing Club August 25th Closed

Winsford Flash Sailing Club September 22nd


We will post an update nearer the dates of events to confirm.

Budworth,Shotwick,Chester,Nantwich,Redesmere,Bala and Winsford Flash dates announced see venues and dates page

See website venue page link below for further information on clubs.

For further information contact us via the contact page.

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Midweek sailing in North Wales and the Border Counties

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